He Said: Know Yourself and Let It Go

by Dr. B Healthy 5. May 2012 09:34
Dear Leslie, I hardley know where to begin. Are you interested in travel medicine advice or another session on your psyche? Let's start with the easy stuff, your psyche. [More]


She Said: Know Yourself and Let It Go

by leslie 5. May 2012 09:19
I spent the weekend in San Francisco on a business trip. As business travelers go I’m among the most experienced having spent 7 years traveling most weeks.

So I’m accustomed to the physical perils of trans continental air travel. Here's the short list:

Swollen body parts – changes in atmospheric pressure are silent and deadly. Upon take off I’m size 8 but after an hour or so at 30,00 feet I inflate like a rubber raft. It’s anyone’s guess to what size I end up as upon landing and my feet now flow over my shoes in an eerie resemblance to freshly baked bread. [More]


He Said: Time for Yourself

by Dr. B Healthy 27. April 2012 08:55
My good friend Leslie says to her readers "Take Time for Yourself" – noble advice but darn hard to follow. As a doctor I have been giving similar advice to patients for years, but have found that few people actually follow through. Recently I read an article in a magazine (not a tech... [More]


She Said: Time for Yourself

by leslie 23. April 2012 08:34
It’s ok to take time for yourself.  Really.  Apparently this thought has been banished from the collective psyche of those of us in the midst of mid-life.* Is it not our job to  care of everything - and everyone – revolving around us?  Well yes and no. ... [More]


Health and Wealth - It's on everyone's mind!

by Dr. B Healthy 4. March 2012 09:02
Health and Wealth – both are surely on everyone’s mind now days. We want them but they seem more and more elusive everyday. TV, newspapers and magazines pelt us with bad news on both fronts – shrinking bank accounts and expanding waist lines! Everyday we hit new financial lows and learn of another growing health crisis and shrinking health insurance coverage. Where can we hide? What can we do? [More]


Five Steps to Keep Your Resolution on Track

by leslie 26. January 2012 13:24
It’s late January. Do you know where your healthy New Year’s Resolution is? If you find yourself wavering, don’t despair. Read these five easy tips to get back on track. [More]


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