Gummy Bear Implants Are Better Than the Candy Version! - Dr. Grant Stevens

by Dr. Grant Stevens 27. August 2015 06:00
Every year, I see progress in the development of realistic breast implants, and now our breast augmentation patients are taking advantage of the new cohesive-gel silicone implants known as "gummy bears." I have been involved in the clinical trials of these new Sientra implants, which were recently a... [More]

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Celebrity Secret Beauty Tips Revealed

Got Cellulite? You’ve Come to the Right Place! - Dr. Grant Stevens

by Dr. Grant Stevens 6. August 2015 19:27
If you ask women if they have cellulite, 85 percent will say they have it and the other 15 percent will think they have it. Creams, rollers, massage - people have tried to remove cellulite since Cleopatra looked down and screamed, "Oh no! I've got cottage cheese thighs!" If cellulite is keeping you ... [More]

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Celebrity Secret Beauty Tips Revealed

VECTRA 3D Imaging Can Help Patients Visualize Their New Looks

by Dr. Grant Stevens 11. June 2015 10:23
We've added a technology usually reserved for Hollywood movies with the addition of a new VECTRA 3D Imaging unit just in time for the typical summer rush for plastic surgery. The compact, portable table top design offers a 3D solution for popular procedures such as breast and facial surgeries, and e... [More]

Let’s Give Fillers A Hand - Dr. Grant Stevens

by Dr. Grant Stevens 4. June 2015 09:22
You've had a facelift and a tummy tuck. Botox is your new BFF. But those hands! Aging hands are a dead giveaway to a woman's age and should be considered when you are thinking about plastic surgery. This 56-year-old teacher was unhappy with how her hands had begun to age. She didn't like that the ve... [More]

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Celebrity Secret Beauty Tips Revealed

Star Wars Excel V Laser Diminishes Scars and Veins - Dr. Grant Stevens

by Dr. Grant Stevens 27. May 2015 21:21
Summer is just around the corner and that means vacations and swimming pools.  It's too bad that some women avoid wearing the newest, coolest bikinis because of old scars, varicose veins and even facial redness.  Getting rid of these problems used to be painful and time consuming.  We... [More]

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